Giving underprivileged children a future

Cunina strongly believes that  education is  the  key  to a better future. Anyone who has access to education can learn a profession.

This means just as much as escaping the vicious circle of poverty. Cunina values access to and the quality of education. Education is necessary for individual and social development and leads to sustainable development.

As godparents, we help underprivileged children  go to school for a period of twelve years . Our long-term commitment is to provide our godchildren with the best opportunities to escape  the vicious circle of poverty .

By doing business with EURASIACORP you also take part in our engagement to give underprivileged children a better future!

Cunina is a Belgian, international non-governmental development organization. We aim to improve access to and the quality of  primary and secondary education  in six partner countries ( Brazil,  the Philippines,  Haiti,  Nepal,  Uganda,  and  South Africa ), irrespective of political, religious, and social beliefs.

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